THE TEAM of professionals at Huebscher and Co. is comprised of individuals with diverse backgrounds who collectively have the knowledge, tools and experience to deliver value that under performing and troubled businesses need.

This experienced management team possesses a strong understanding of the economic and operational drivers of multiple industries. Given the differing definition of "success" based on each individual situation our team has encountered, they have been overwhelmingly recognized for the successes they have brought to all their collective engagements.

Members of the Huebscher and Co. team have served as Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Information Officer, Chief Restructuring Officer, and in other executive and operational roles. In our wind down and restructuring capacities, we have served as Estate Administrator, Plan Administrator Liquidating/Creditor/Plan Trustee, Receiver and other related positions.

We have served as financial advisor to national brands, large retail chains, manufacturers and various service providers, as well as providing financial, legal and consulting guidance in the context of firms dealing with pending or filed bankruptcy, wind down or reorganizational issues and advisor to committees of unsecured creditors in Chapter 11 cases.

In addition to "stepping in" to these roles on behalf of clients, our team members have been involved in numerous transactional-type assignments. Our team has negotiated acquisitions and divestitures of companies as Principals, Investment Bankers or as Financial Advisors to companies during a 363 Bankruptcy sale. We have undertaken a broad and deep spectrum of responsibilities as the court-appointed or contractually-based fiduciary on behalf of a corporate debtor, corporate estate or corporation. The Huebscher and Co. team possesses the knowledge and experience to ensure that whatever transaction, activity, or operation is necessary is consummated professionally, timely, efficiently and cost-effectively.

This diverse operational and financial experience enables our team to leverage its skills in providing litigation support and fraud examinations to clients. Our team members have assisted in numerous fraud investigations and litigations resulting in convictions of our adversaries as well as large financial awards for our clients. With experienced Certified Public Accountants, Certified Turnaround Professional and Certified Fraud Examiners on our team, we have the credentials needed in today's challenging business and economic environments.

Huebscher & Co. is also affiliated with AT Consult, a premier niche consulting firm, who specializes in promoting European investments in the United States. AT Consult's focuses on DACH countries i.e. Germany, Austria, Switzerland in identification of cross border investment opportunities in the United States.